Buon Cerealia!

by joegio

That is Italian for “Happy Cerealia!”


It is highly recommended that some of your activity today be set aside to honor Ceres, the Roman goddess of grain.  Here are some ideas:

1) You could tie lit torches to the tails of foxes* and set them loose in your Circus Maximus.

2) You could hold a short theatre festival** in your amphitheater.

3) Start following @Cerealiafest on Twitter. The 2013 event is being held in Greece and in June, but wikipedia assures us that TODAY is in fact the real ancient Cerealia***.

4) Issue your own commemorative denarius****; use this to claim that you invented Cerealia, even though you clearly did not*****.

Thanks for reading!  (You could also just eat some cereal and be done with it.)

*Ovid explains this tradition by recounting the tale of Carleoli, a farm boy who caught a fox trying to steal some chickens.  He decided to punish the fox by setting it on fire (like you do), and the fox escaped, trailing fire through the fields and burning them up.  So obviously, the Romans wanted to do that again every year, since it is basically the same thing as fireworks.

**This is a major part of most Roman festivals.  In fact, it would probably run from April 12 – 19, but it’s really hard to find enough content for an eight day theatre festival unless you really don’t care about quality.



******Somebody did this before, a guy named Gaius Memmius.  This is exactly the kind of crap you’d expect a plebian aedile and theatre director to pull.  Incidentally, I invented Administrative Assistant’s Day, so I know how Gaius feels.  #Norespect.

Without Ceres, no cornflakes.

QUESTION OF THE DAY: What is YOUR favorite cereal?