The Regulars are coming out! The Regulars are coming out!

by joegio

That is more than likely the thing that Paul Revere shouted lo these 238 years ago, as he rode Middlesex County.  It made sense at the time, given that the people he was warning considered themselves British.  As did he.  Also, he probably didn’t shout, being as he was on a secret mission.  Generally one tries to keep quiet during those.

Handsome devil.

Handsome devil.

Now, there are definitely some true things in Longfellow’s poem.  For one: Revere really did have a “muffled oar.”  He managed to row all the way across the Charles River right past an anchored British warship.

Some things just aren’t true though.  Like at one a.m.?  Longfellow has Revere gazing at the meeting house windows, “black and bare.”  In fact, at this point Revere was likely making the acquaintance of fellow patriot Dr. Samuel Prescott, who was returning from the home of his “lady friend.”  Longfellow and the historical account are both mute on this subject, though one can imagine some fist pounding and a “you the man” or something like that.

Also, incidentally, the point of all this was to save Samuel Adams and John Hancock.  Which means that the most important thing we can say about Paul Revere is that because of him, some of our beers and all of our signatures have fun names.  Thank you, Paul!

Incidentally, the fantasy of patriotic, midnight foot traffic is also probably responsible for things like this:, but Paul could never have seen that coming.