Happy Feast of St. Mark or Liberation Day!

by joegio


Today’s blog post was written by Bartleby company member and foreign correspondent (for a couple weeks, at least) Kathy Palm.

Either way, the Italian’s do quite like April 25th.

St. Mark is Venice’s Patron Saint. If you are ever blessed enough to get there (or glance at a map) you’ll notice you have a Piazza San Marco (St Mark’s Square), Basilica Di San Marco (St Mark’s Basilica), Tesoro di San Marco, Venezia San Marco, Garage San Marco spa… etc. There is plenty of San Marco to go around all year round!

On April 25th, the rest of Italy celebrates too!  (Although they might just be celebrating Liberation Day, a national holiday honoring the liberation of Italy from the Nazi-Fascists in WWII, 25 April 1945). In the region of Sardinia, in the small village of Tresnuraghes, they are said to celebrate St. Mark by having a feast with lots of grilled sheep as they are a large pastoral community.

Happy feasting!

However! Italy is not the only country in on these April 25th festivities or the only country with lots of recognition for St. Mark!

Other places which are inspired by St. Marks, but don’t feel the need to flaunt it today include:

  • The city of St. Marks, FL home to the St. Marks Light, the second oldest lighthouse in Florida.

  • St. Mark’s School in South Borough MA. Perhaps their One Acts Festival tonight will have some St. Mark recognition!

  • Church of St. Mark in Venice California. Today gives you sound logic to justify a pilgrimage to California, and their weather.

And lastly, some fun facts about St. Mark! (From the encyclopedia of Religion)

1) He wrote a book of the bible, but isn’t one of the 12 disciples.

2) His name is most likely John Mark.

3) The Egyptian Church claims Mark as their founder and patron saint.

4) Under the symbol of the winged Lion, refugees from Aquileia established him as the patron saint and defend of the future in Venice.

5) Needless to say, he’s a tad mysterious!

QUESTION OF THE DAY: Why is St. Mark always pictured with a lion?  Seriously, we don’t know.